Hands down the best experience I had dress shopping! I loved picking favorites/ having a portal prior to the appointment so consultant and I had similar ideas of what I was looking for in a dress. Felt as though all workers in the store were listening to pro/con of dresses I tried on and picking new dresses to try on based off what I was saying. Felt like they were familiar of inventory of the store. My very favorite part of shopping was they put the dresses on you and clipped them down or clipped them together so you could truly see how they would fit in your size. It helped me so much to have a good visual!

Charissa B.

I had an amazing experience with you today! I was open to try on a lot of styles and grateful for your expertise!

Tjuana B.

My experience was so wonderful. Betsy and Emma were so helpful and helped me find my dream gown! They not only were helpful, but also extremely kind and fun. Best place I went to for bridal gown shopping.

Stormie W.

I had a wonderful experience dress shopping with the help of Betsy last week. I never felt stressed, pressured, or rushed during the experience and I was very pleased with their ability to customize what I wanted. I would definitely recommend Unveiled to other Arkansas brides that I might meet in the future.

Danielle W.

These ladies were fabulous! They catered to every need! They took care of my parents and I as this was my first time trying on wedding dresses. Everything about it was spectacular!

Maggie V.

So helpful and sweet! My first experience and it was the absolute best experience!

Kaylee K.

I had the most positive experience!! The whole Unveiled staff is wonderful and everything so easy and fun! I will recommend them to everyone I know!!

Claire N.

Unveiled made my gown search so easy! Betsy and her staff helped me find the perfect dress and stay within budget. They have a great selection no matter what you’re willing to spend.

Kimberly B.

I cannot begin to say enough good things about my experience with Unveiled. They check all the boxes one hopes for in a bridal salon, from their online catalogue of available gowns to their in-house alterations. But above all, what I appreciated most was their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure I found my dream gown. If you're shopping for a wedding gown in Arkansas, make Unveiled your first stop - you won't regret it!

Sydney S.

The best experience!! Taylor and the crew were awesome. We weren’t rushed, she listened to me, made me feel comfortable and also made my mom and sister feel right at home and a part of the experience. They went above and beyond and made this such a fun, enjoyable, and successful process. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Marie M.

I had the BEST experience at Unveiled. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcome and like I was their top priority. They helped me filter through a handful of dresses, offering professional insight and advice to help me find the perfect dress for me. Overall, it was a wonderful, individualized experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Emily N.

Betsy was an amazing help, and I loved getting to try on so many unique dresses! It was a great experience all around.

Mikahla D.

Appointment was great! It was fun to select gowns through the look book prior to the appointment. They used the picks to pull beautiful bridal dresses and were well prepared. They made it easy and I had plenty of options to choose from. I’m so excited about the dress and can’t wait to wear it. It’s perfect - Thank You!

Abby H.

Betsy and the staff were incredibly helpful. It was a dream of an experience. Gorgeous gowns and a woman that knows her dresses!

Carson S.

Betsy was so great to work with! She made me feel so comfortable throughout the process and I would recommend this store to anyone.

Allison S.

Betsy was very patient, accommodating, and made the shopping experience much more pleasant than the trip to David’s Bridal. Thank you for helping me find my dress!

Neelam V.

Can I just say how amazing Betsy is? We had a budget and fell in love with a dress or part of it, that was much more (of course). I was going to search for alternatives but Betsy was able to craft a custom dress with the top that we loved and a more appealing and sophisticated lower half. And at a price that that Mae it perfect.

Amy P.

I love y'alls store. It was my favorite out of the several bridal stores I went to and you were so helpful and nice. Plus I found my dress with you! I would recommend y'all to anyone.

Haley W.

I had absolutely the most wonderful experience at Unveiled! The staff is so attentive and makes the whole experience all about YOU! They are so patient through the entire process to ensure that you pick out THE dress. I would highly recommend them to any bride!

Estela T.

The most pleasant experience I’ve ever had!!

Yaminah S.

Great service, great selection! Best dress shop I’ve been to!

Lauren S.

I had a wonderful experience at Unveiled. Betsy made my first ever wedding dress appointment so special by making us feel welcomed and comfortable. It was a plus that I connected with her from the start. I was contacted before my appointment for pictures/Pinterest board so that Betsy and her team could have dresses already pulled when I came. We were both on the same page regarding style and budget. Betsy made this process so easy and exciting!

Madeline P.

I loved trying on dresses at Unveiled! The staff was amazing and welcoming. The establishment is very pleasing, and they have a great wealth of knowledge about bridal dresses as well as learning about you and your personal style/taste.

Jimmie Kay R.

Amazing people that make the experience so amazing!! They make me feel so important they are so nice and made me feel so comfortable. Made this even more special!

Cristen S.

I knew for the entire week that I would find my dream dress here and I did. With about 5 dresses picked out, the first one I tried on was it! The ambiance of Unveiled’s atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Betsy was so sweet and determined to help me find the perfect dress!

Leeza P.

I had a wonderful experience. I did not feel pressured by staff to choose a certain option, I felt secure that the staff were picking options within my price range (which I greatly appreciated), and I loved the honesty of the staff. I'm so thankful that I went to you guys first and not somewhere else. I felt that the staff cared about my preferences, enjoyed my family and their company, and listened well. The treats were a great plus and were very fun to walk into. Even with COVID, I feel like I was able to enjoy my dress experience. Thank you Unveiled <3

Julienne D.