What to Expect at Your Appointment

What to Expect at Your Appointment

We often get asked what brides should do to prepare for their appointment with us. While most of the work is on our end to ensure you have a seamless experience at your appointment, we’re more than happy to share some of our tips on what to expect at your appointment and what you should know before you arrive. 


When to Book: 


After you get engaged, you enter a whirlwind of planning: finding a venue, a dress, coordinating catering and entertainment and transportation—the list goes on and on. Determining when to do all of these things can be stressful, so take our advice: once you’ve got a date and a venue set, book your appointment to start shopping for your wedding dress. This may sound early, but ordering your dress takes a long time: the designer needs to create your gown to your measurements, which can sometimes take up to 6 months, and then you’ll need time on top of that for alterations and fittings. Our recommendation? Book your appointment at least 8 months out from your wedding date. 

What to Wear: 


For your appointment, we recommend wearing nude colored undergarments so that you can have a good idea of what the dress will look like. If you plan on potentially wearing any shapewear on your wedding day, bring that to the appointment too! You want to have something that will give you the closest look to your wedding day as possible so you can be completely confident in your choice. We also recommend getting ready before your appointment—while there’s no need to get fully glam, a little bit of mascara versus a just-woke-up look could be the difference between loving a dress and feeling “eh” on it. 

Who to Bring: 


At Unveiled, we allow you to bring five guests in addition to yourself to your appointment. It’s important to have a few second opinions you trust for your appointment! When it comes to tough decisions, you’ll be happy to have a loved one weigh in and help you choose. While we love having guests at appointments, it’s important to remember that it’s your wedding, so finding the right dress is ultimately your decision. 

What We Do:


At your appointment, one of our trained bridal stylists will help you find the perfect dress—she’ll ask about your wedding day and what sort of look you’d like to go for, and pull dresses she thinks you’ll like. As you try on gowns, you’ll both get a better feel for what dresses you like—from silhouettes to lace and embellishments, your stylist will notice these things and help you narrow down which gown works for you. Before you start shopping, we’ll make sure we know your budget so your stylist never pulls something you can’t afford. This way, you don’t have to stress about falling in love with a gown only to get sticker shock when you hear the price! 

Ready to start shopping for the wedding dress of your dreams? Book your appointment at Unveiled Bridal and we can help you find the perfect gown for your wedding day.