FAQ: Trunk Shows

FAQ: Trunk Shows

If you have begun your wedding dress shopping journey, you have likely seen the phrase “trunk show” floating around at your local boutiques. We often find that many brides aren’t aware of what this refers to, so we’ve got you covered. Here are the most frequently asked questions about trunk shows, answered:



Q: What is a trunk show?

A bridal trunk show is a temporary event where a designer showcases a unique line of wedding dresses at a boutique. These gowns are not part of the host boutique’s permanent collection, and you can only purchase them throughout the duration of the show, which is typically between a weekend and a full week.



Q: Why should brides attend trunk shows?

Trunk shows give brides exclusive access to shop designs that aren’t normally available to them, and as an added bonus, many boutiques offer special discounts on trunk show purchases. The collections featured in these events usually can’t be found anywhere else in your area, and some designers even bring gowns that haven’t been released yet. You won’t want to miss these once-in-a-blue-moon opportunities to find the dress of your dreams!



Q: How do I attend upcoming trunk shows?

You can stay up to date on all upcoming trunk shows in your area by following your local boutiques on social media, or by visiting a specific designer’s website for their full trunk show ‘tour’ schedules. Many trunk shows are by appointment only, so you’ll want to make sure you book yours before attending.



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