5 Misconceptions About Dress Shopping

5 Misconceptions About Dress Shopping

When it comes to finding your wedding dress, there’s an awful lot of lore out there. Here at Unveiled Bridal, we’ve found that it puts a ton of pressure on brides to feel, act, or look a certain way when it comes to dress shopping for their wedding. It’s possible you have experienced some of these misconceptions yourself! We believe that it’s important to put a stop to certain narratives regarding dress shopping, so here are five misconceptions we want to explain!




I’ll cry when I find “the one”


We’ve all seen the movies and TV shows where the girl tries on that one gown after a ton of duds and immediately bursts into tears once she finds her dream wedding dress. While we’re not ruling out that possibility, it puts a lot of pressure on feeling a certain way when you put on a beautiful gown. The truth is, many brides don’t get that emotional about it! That doesn’t mean they don’t love the gown; honestly, there are just some scenarios where brides have tried on so many dresses and are just relieved to find one that feels right. 



I have to visit multiple bridal shops


You can definitely visit multiple shops, but you don’t have to! In our experience, it’s great to stick to finding one shop and try on lots of gowns there. There’s no reason why you have to shop around at every bridal shop in the tri-state area to find your dream gown. That can actually be incredibly exhausting, which we don’t recommend - after all, you want this experience to be as positive as possible!



I have to bring my (mom/best friend/grandmother, etc.)


You’ve probably been told that there are certain people who simply MUST be present for your wedding gown shopping experience. We want to let our brides know that there are no rules, and you should only bring people who you truly feel comfortable with. Perhaps you’re not close with your mom or she’s not in your life, or maybe you just don’t want to worry about having your friends or extended family members offer their unsolicited advice. It’s totally okay! You don’t have to bring any of these people if you don’t want to. It’s important to us that you have the best experience and are incredibly selective with who you bring along. No negative vibes in the shop!



I won’t look good in X style


This is one misconception we encourage you to fully release before wedding dress shopping! In years past, people have created “rules” for certain people based on their body types, skin tones, and more. We don’t want you to come looking for a dress thinking negatively about your body or feeling like there are certain silhouettes you can’t wear. The fact of the matter is, you can wear whatever you want! And we have a team of bridal experts who can make sure that whatever gown you choose fits you to perfection and accentuates everything you want. 



I have plenty of time to find a dress (or not enough time)


We find that some brides come in with one of these two ideas - that they either have plenty of time or not nearly enough time. There’s a fine line between the two, and we want to explain that to avoid any misconceptions. First of all, if you’re merely one month out from your wedding, it's going to be extremely difficult to find a wedding dress in that timeframe. You might think you don’t need a whole lot of time, but realistically, most brides should order their gown six to nine months out from their wedding date! 

We hope that this clears up any concerns you have when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress. If you’re ready to work with our incredible team, book an appointment today!